Calabro's World Of Cheeses

Old Fashioned Hand Dipped Ricotta

This ricotta is the ultimate pride of our cheeses. It is a fresh, delectably rich and creamy cheese exhibiting a delicate flavor of soft sweet butter. It is made exclusively from the freshest, most superior, Grade A Vermont farm milk. It is manufactured via a 100 years old artisan method that attends to the intricate parameters of creating a finely balanced texture and consistency. It is hand dipped and hand packed in metal containers with macroscopic holes to allow for appropriate drainage. A cone-shaped head of white, fluffy curd is formed and covered with a thin poly-sheet secured by an elastic band to complete the packaging process. This ricotta is manufactured exclusively for upscale, gourmet specialty food stores that cater to a clientele with a discriminating palate. It is a vital, primary ingredient in Italian entrees such as lasagna manicotti, ravioli, and Italian pastries as Sicilian cannoli.

Whole Milk, Part Skim Ricotta

This ricotta is a superior, fresh, soft, curdy cheese. We began selling our ricotta door to door, family to family, and our high standards have not changed throughout the years. It is always fresh, delectably rich and creamy, and made exclusively from fresh Vermont milk. Ricotta is an important ingredient in many Italian dishes such as lasagna, manicotti, and ravioli. It is also tasty topped with fresh summer fruits and all natural preservatives.

Impastata Ricotta

Our Impastata is known as the Cadillac of the ricottas. This fresh delicate cheese, light as whipped cream has the consistency and delicate flavor of soft sweet butter. It is widely used for ravioli and manicotti fillings as well as for Italian Pastries. The famous Ferrara's of New York City uses exclusively our Ricotta for their canonist, the premiere of Italian Pastries.

Fat Free Ricotta

Calabro's All Natural Fat Free Ricotta is made from 100% Skim Milk with absolutely NO FAT, NO SALT, and NO PRESERVATIVES added. This flavorful and excellent textured ricotta is good news for people on a fat and salt restricted diet in addition to being high in protein and low in calories. As it contains only a trace of cholesterol, it is also recommended for coronary patients on a medically prescribed diet who seek a high protein, low calorie food. This fat free ricotta can be substituted in most Italian recipes specifying the use of ricotta cheese. It is also taste tempting as a light topping on fresh berries, pears, peaches, and other varieties of fruit.

Fior Di Latte

Fior Di Latte signifies literally "flower of the milk" which characterizes its tender and succulent composition. It is made exclusively from the freshest, richest, highest quality Grade A Vermont farm milk. It is very delicate with an exquisitely creamy texture and fresh buttery taste. Absolutely no salt is infused in the body of the fresh, un ripened mozzarella curd. It is packed in ultra-pasteurized water titrated with a trace of sodium to insure freshness. It is formed in six various sizes and shapes: 1/3 oz. Ciliegine; 1 1/2 oz. Bocconcini; 3 1/2 oz. Ovoline; 8 oz. Treccia and Palla; and 16 oz. Palla. A few additional shapes/sizes are lightly salted and packaged in plastic deli wrap. Its specialty use is as an appetizer in a fresh mozzarella and tomato salad garnished with extra virgin oil, fresh basil, oregano, and black pepper. The wrapped form is used to make a unique, brick oven specialty pizza, where the creamy fior di latte slices and red plum tomatoes create a visually aesthetic entrée.

Unsalted Braided Mozzarella

This cheese is a particular favorite for those on a no-salt diet. It is made only from whole milk and hand braided into an attractive twist. It has a creamy texture and almost buttery taste. Since there is no salt, it is sold and kept in fresh water, which should be changed daily.

Whole Milk, Part Skim Mozzarella

Our Mozzarella is soft and elastic in texture and creamy white in color. It bakes consistently to perfect stringiness and has become a standard not only on the dairy shelves, but in the institutional markets as well. Frank J. Pepe's Pizza of New Haven, where the pizza originated, uses exclusively or Mozzarella.

Fat Free Mozzarella

Calabro's All Natural Fat Free Mozzarella is made from 100% Skim Milk with absolutely NO FAT and NO PRESERVATIVES added. It contains a trace amount of salt qualifying it as a low salt, high protein, low calorie food source for individuals on a health foods and/or biomedical diet. This fat free mozzarella can be substituted in most Italian dishes requiring the use of mozzarella.

Basket Cheese

A popular cheese during the Easter Holiday Season, as well as throughout the year. It is a soft, white, rind less cheese packed by hand in plastic baskets, hence the name. It is often used in baking the traditional Easter Ham Pie and it is delicious with extra virgin oil and fine Italian herbs as oregano or basil.


Our Scamorza, made only from our fresh whole milk, is mild, creamy, and lightly salted, and is regarded highly by Italian cheese connoisseurs. Sliced and covered with fine olive oil and fresh tomatoes, it becomes a delicacy.


The name is derived from cacio a cavallo- "cheese on horse back." This is because the cheese is cured by tying two forms together and slung across a pole, saddle bag style. The curds are continuously stretched and shaped by hand, while dipped in hot whey. When aged about four months, it tastes somewhat like a sharp mozzarella. When aged longer, it becomes sharper and very hard, and is often used for grating.


This is a delightful semi-soft table cheese, rich in flavor and smooth in texture. When fresh, is moist and rather mild, but becomes firmer and more pungent as it ripens. Our Caciotta is made in a very special way: The curd are bathed in hot whey and then hand pressed in specially designed cheese baskets from Italy. A variety is made with black pepper for a sharper, spicy flavor.

Parmesan and Romano

Our grated cheeses, Parmesan and Romano, are made with the same care and attention as our ancestors in Sicily over 100 years ago. They are rich, sharp, but never biting. Our manufacturing process is strictly controlled and the cheese is aged with care like a fine wine. Our Parmesan is aged for at least 11 months and our Romano is aged for at least 6 months. They are sold freshly grated with absolutely no preservatives and no whey and no whey filler added.

String Cheese

Just peel and eat. Our String Cheese is an all natural, low-moisture part-skim mozzarella. Some refer to this cheese as "silly or fun sticks." In any name, it's a great way to snack on something nutritious and tasty.